Lendo Finanza Review

Whether you are in the market for a home loan or a refinancing, it is important to find a company that will treat your financial situation with care. With a Norwegian lender like Lendo Finanza, you can rest assured that your finances will be looked after. With this company, you can expect excellent service and the most competitive rates.

Using a credit and loan broker can help you find the best deal. This is because a broker has relationships with lenders, and can access many different loans. It’s important to choose a loan broker who offers the best value for your needs.

When you choose a loan broker, make sure that you’re working with one that has top-notch customer service. You can also ask for a broker’s experience in your particular financial situation.

Some loan brokers operate online, while others use more traditional methods. You can find out if a broker has a good reputation by reading third-party reviews. The Better Business Bureau and Yelp are excellent sources of client feedback. Choosing the right business loan broker can make the process of getting a loan much easier. They can help you understand the terms of the loan, as well as help you find the best lender. They will also help you fill out the application for the lender.

Whether you are a Norwegian business owner or a consumer, you may be wondering what is Finanza and how you can use them for the best deal on your credit or loans. This article will help you to determine whether a credit & loan broker is the right option for you and what to look for when selecting a broker like Lendo Finanza.

Development team

Founded in 2007, Lendo is an established player in the Nordics, specializing in Credit & Loans, mortgage comparisons, car loans, and consumer loan comparisons. It has a presence in Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, and Spain.

Lendo’s development team comprises 12 employees. Their role includes ensuring the reliability and speed of the Lendo platform across a wide range of markets. They also complete bank integrations, recommend new features, and conduct regular code tests. In addition, they maintain streamlined technical communication between country teams.

As a leading loan broker in the Nordic region, Lendo is looking to expand its reach in other countries. In order to meet this goal, the company has recently expanded its financial services in Norway.

In Q3, Lendo’s business in Norway continued to grow. It also launched a mortgage comparison service in Norway, offering visitors the ability to shop for loans. The company’s strategy continues to focus on improving efficiencies and reducing costs.

To support this, Lendo has recruited a Site Reliability Engineer to help shape the culture of SRE across the company. This will be a small team that will have the opportunity to make a major impact on Lendo’s SRE program.


Currently, the Norwegian Ministry of Finance regulates the lending practices of banks and financial institutions. In February 2019, the Ministry of Finance adopted a new regulation for consumer loans. It is set to become effective in January 2021. However, the current regulation will remain in effect until December 31, 2024. It is important to note that the regulation will undergo a review in the second half of 2022.

The regulation sets requirements for financial institutions, including unsecured loans, and for consumers. It also provides exemptions for certain types of loans. The regulation is based on guidelines provided by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. The regulation will not apply to open-end home equity lines of credit or time-share transactions.

The regulation also sets a limit on the amount of tax-free income that can be used in the calculation. The maximum amount is 25 thousand kroner. The income must be stable over time. The income must be documented. In addition, the lender must assess the debt-servicing ability of the customer.

Expanding in Finland

Lendo has built a strong position in the Nordic loan brokering market. With 45 partner banks in the region, Lendo helps its customers find the best borrowing terms. It also works with other actors in the value chain. In ten years, Lendo has won over 500,000 customers in Scandinavia.

Lendo is owned by Schibsted Media Group. It offers free comparison of loans from different banks. The company has teams in Finland, Norway and Poland. It also generates revenue from one-off brokerage commissions from its banking partners.

In April, the Finnish Ministry of Justice began preparing a consumer credit reform. The main purpose of the reform is to reduce debt problems resulting from high-interest consumer credit. The final proposal includes an interest cap and an increase in the maximum LTV ratio for residential properties. It also includes an increase in the minimum overcollateralization requirement.

The loan stock to Finnish households grew by 200% over the past two years. At the end of 2018, the stock was EUR 2 billion.

Refinance to a shorter loan term

Whether you want to pay off your mortgage sooner or save money on your loan, refinancing to a shorter loan term can be a smart move. This will make your payments more affordable and can help you buy a home earlier. You may also get a lower interest rate if your credit score has improved since you took out your original loan.

A lender will consider many factors when deciding if you qualify for a refinance. This includes your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, income and assets. You’ll need to meet these requirements if you want to get a refinance approved. You’ll also have to be prepared for a larger monthly payment if you go with a shorter term loan.

The most obvious reason to refinance is to take advantage of a lower interest rate. A low rate can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. Using a refinance calculator can help you estimate how much your new rate will save you over the lifetime of your loan.